The Heroes return.

In 1979, after 18 months of development and play-testing, Nottingham Model Soldier Shop and Tabletop Games published Heroes, a set of role-play rules set in the Dark Ages.

Geordie wrote in the OD&D Discussion Forum:

Before Warhammer, Dragon Warriors and Maelstrom, there was the ironically-titled Heroes, written by Dave Millward (with 18 months playtesting), with art by John Blanche (artist responsible for the UK Holmes D&D cover).

A roleplaying game set in the Dark Ages, 80 pages cover character creation and background, professions, equipment, combat, social interaction and advancement, scenario creation, religion, gambling, crime and punishment, political wrangling, land holdings, piracy, naval campaigns, commerce, raiding, medicine and healing. There is also a European-style setting, the Ouesterlands, included.

Mostly it's carousing (or else you lose experience points), whoring (ditto) and fighting. Rabid dogs, floods and blizzards , venereal disease and mutilation. No fantasy, no magic, just blood 'n' snot brawling with percentile dice.

We are planning to re-issue Heroes. The general idea is to continue development of the tactical skirmish rules and continue play-testing both these and Heroes itself, with a view to publishing Heroes 1.2 in September 2012. This will be a physical book, currently standing at 120 pages and will come with a version of the original map.

The aim of these pages is to keep you up to date with developments and when the Heroes Forum opens to provide you with an opportunity to express your views and join in the process...