Heroes 1.2

Heroes 1.2 front cover

Preface to the Heroes 1.2

It was never my intention to produce a new edition of Heroes, when I set out to reprint it. The problem was that I needed to reproduce a copy of the original in a format that could be edited; so that I could correct the many mistakes and add to the explanations of rules that are hard to interpret. It proved impossible to reproduce the rules' tables in this format, so I began work on what has turned out to be a partially new Edition, hence 1.1, which soon became 1.2.

I have made as few changes as I could in all conscience. All the tables have been redesigned, in some cases quite radically. Some rule sections have been completely rewritten, sometimes because I didn't think the originals were clear enough or easy to understand; in other cases because I felt that they were historically insupportable. Because it is not a full rewrite, I have labelled it Edition 1.2, rather than a full Second Edition. If this edition is popular, then I will both publish expansion volumes and begin work on a complete rewrite.

The title 'Heroes' has puzzled some people, perhaps because they associate it with American comic Heroes. The reason for the choice is actually very simple; you, the player are the Hero in this game. The Heroes are the personal figures of all the players; as opposed to NPCs and all the other figures and characters involved in the games. You decide what you will do, you have no morale tests, fear or terror tests, what you try to do is entirely up to you; whether you succeed or not is an entirely different matter.

Play the game, be a Hero.

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